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Every woman loves handbags right? So if your looking for something more than the usual High St offerings of catwalk rip offs and disposable quick fixes then 'NICOLA DANN' has got something special with you in mind!  Her amazing range of unique, beautifully handcrafted bags and accessories ooze with style, character and originality. With well-made, affordable pieces that reflect both wear ability and inventiveness in design, you’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd with these statement bags.

Nicola describes her work as a 'tactile fusion of leather, fabric and adornment', she say’s “I am a bit of a magpie, collecting things around me and using them to inspire my designs.  I rarely put my ideas down on paper, preferring to start with a interesting  fastening, piece of jewellery or swatch of leather first,  as these are the key elements that provide me with the inspiration to make my ideas evolve and my designs then naturally take shape. Fortunately my father works within the antiques trade and he finds me the most amazing and inspiring things, from vintage costume jewellery, brooches, beads and bangles to reclaimed leather, old horse bridles and heavy brass buckles and fastenings. I love the worn character which comes with age, and find leather the most enjoyable medium to work with not only because of it’s gorgeous rich smell, but it’s the natural variations in colour and markings which are a characteristic of leather that I love. I also love problem solving, so to look at an object I find interesting and try putting it to use whether in a practical way, such as to become a fastening, or to simply adorn the bags surface, helps me to stay fresh with ideas”. 

Nicola grew up in a creative family environment, encouraged to draw, paint, write and sew.  Not surprising then, that her twin sister also works within the fashion industry and is the well known and highly regarded Leeds Independent fashion designer   ‘Lisa Jayne Dann’.  After many years studying Art and design in which Nicola gained qualifications in Photography, Sculpture, and  Art, she went on to  gain a Ba in ‘Designed metalwork and Jewellery’  at Buckinghamshire University, where she showcased her first unique collection of expandable shot silk and pressed silver embellished bags. 

After gaining invaluable experience working as a retail manager for 4 years, Nicola then turned her focus back to her love of designing and creating handbags and made the courageous decision to work for herself.  Nicola’s bags & Accessories label ‘NICOLA DANN’ was born, and over the past 2 years Nicola has never looked back.   As a Leeds based designer  Nicola has built up a strong portfolio of Independent Boutiques which she stocks to around the UK, and her gorgeous designs have featured in many top fashion magazines such as, Grazia, LOOK, OK, NOW, Dazed and confused to name a few . Her Celebrity fans include Step Up 2 actress Jenna Dewan (married to the gorgeous A-list star Channing Tatum!)who was recently photographed out and about in LA and Beverly Hills carrying her much loved ‘Nicola Dann Stud Messenger Satchel’ from Nicola’s Spring/Summer ’10 range.  Lucy Jo Hudson (‘Wild at heart and Coronation St’ star) commissioned Nicola to create four exclusive handbags for each of her four bridesmaids to hold, replacing traditional bouquets, for her recent wedding to actor Alan Halsall. The four bags matched the bridesmaid dresses designed by her sister ‘Lisa Jayne Dann’ perfectly and created quite a stir, appearing  on the glossy front cover of OK magazine alongside a full length feature inside.  Lucy Jo loved Nicola’s bags so much that she wanted one for herself, and choose to wear an exclusive handbag made especially to match her outfit for her Red carpet appearance to promote her new film ‘Finding Eric’ which also appeared in NOW magazine.

So whether you’re a celebrity or not, all fashionista’s will love Nicola’s ‘stand out from the crowd’ unique and super stylish statement bags.

“I believe I make bags that fit all occasions for all ages, whether dressed up or dressed down, they make any outfit look great, and the more use you get out of one of my leather bags, the better it becomes with age. That’s why I believe in creating affordable ‘investment pieces’ and shudder  at the thought of all the mass produced, throw away fashion our society wastes so much hard earned money on these days.  However, I have seen a definite change over the last few years, women do want unique stylish bags, after all, we use fashion to express ourselves, and something as personal as a bag in which we keep safe our worldly belongings (and us girls like to carry a lot!) a wearers bag should be a considered and personal choice that tells us a little about them, their personality.  Therefore investing in a bag that you love and will use over and over again for many years to come is a sensible choice , and because each ‘Nicola Dann’ bag and accessory is lovingly handcrafted by Nicola’s own fair hands, the inevitable variations in leather and make up simply adds to their appeal, making sure each bag is as unique and as special as its wearer!

Nicola recently launched her successful new online shop  at  where you can find all her new seasons designs, making sure that her gorgeous handbags are accessible for all to buy.  So with NICOLA DANN'S ever changing range of designs to choose from, the only difficult part for you is deciding which BAG!!!